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Mr. Bean's Holiday



Reviewer's grade: B

That gangly human marionette Rowan Atkinson is back with another side trip into absurdity as the one-of-a-kind Mr. Bean.

This time, Bean is on his way to a week on the beach at Cannes when he loses his wallet and passport, and eventually teams up with a young boy (Max Baldry) on his way to Cannes to meet his father, and a lovely young starlet (Emma de Caunes) who's been invited to the film festival. Who cares about the story?

The main attraction is Atkinson as the part-frightening/part-endearing man-child, Bean. Some of the gags work better than others "? some don't work at all "? and many of them are left hanging as you expect a punch line that never comes, but you'll spend most of the movie's 90 minutes grinning and enjoying the big laughs that come from the kids around you. No nudity, swearing, drugs, booze or off-color humor "? and you may be surprised at how little you miss them. G

"?Doug Bentin   

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