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'Muff' ’s the word


Bryna Shackelford

Women take the local stand-up comedy spotlight tonight for an allfemale showcase — estrogen-challenged host James Curtis excepted.

Muff Madness will feature headliner Jenny Godwin, with Bryna Shackelford, Jessica Kyle, Heather King and Melissa McGinnis as openers.

While Godwin has performed comedy locally for almost two years, Madness marks her first time in an all-female ensemble. She said Oklahoma City’s stand-up scene is lopsided, with women vastly outnumbered.

“It’s not that girls aren’t funny,” she said. “I joke about all kinds of things. I cover anything that pops into my head.”

King said she feels like the city’s comedy arena is blossoming.

“It is ground-floor,” King said, “and I think that is what makes it so exciting: getting in right there where it’s starting and being a part of watching this thing build.”

As a stand-up rookie, she said she appreciates McSalty’s laid-back vibe, because everyone is there to have pizza, beer and a good time. The restaurant’s food and beer menus will be available throughout the 90-minute show. King said she thinks the funniest material comes from the little things observed on a daily basis.

“It can be difficult sometimes for women to try to break into the comedy scene,” she said. “This is a really cool opportunity for people to come out and see that we like making people laugh just as much as anybody else.”

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