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Murphy’s craw



Chart-topping rockers Kings of Leon — two of whose four members were born here in the 405 — face an unlikely threat to their kingdom: Ryan Murphy.

The creator of “Glee” recently tore the three brothers and their cousin new ones in the pages of The Hollywood Reporter after the band declined to let him turn one of their tunes into a glorified karaoke video for his hit series.

“Fuck you, Kings of Leon,” Murphy told THR. “They’re self-centered assholes, and they missed the big picture. They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. ... You can make fun of ‘Glee’ all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids onto music.”

Anyone — like former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash — who dares tell the apparently touchy producer “no,” Murphy finds to be “undereducated and quite stupid.”

We’d say get that guy a Paxil Rx and a change of diapers, but Leon’s Nathan Followill said it better when he answered Murphy via
Twitter: “Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go. See a therapist, get a manicure,
buy a new bra. Zip your lip and focus on educating 7yr olds how to say

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