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Museum fund-raiser offers sneak peek at Paleozoic exhibit



The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, 2401 Chautauqua in Norman, welcomes history lovers to celebrate the site's third-annual fund-raiser, "Muse-A-Palooza," from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday. The event features exclusive tours of the museum's first permanent gallery exhibit since opening in 2003, currently under construction.

Guests can witness change from inside the caution tape on the new 4,600-square-foot museum exhibit, "The Hall of Ancient Life," scheduled to open to the public May 31.

The Paleozoic exhibit offers a story spanning more than 4 billion years of the Earth's history, featuring 40 individual exhibits, including:
" the evolutionary history of marine animals recorded in the rocks of Oklahoma's Arbuckle Mountains,
" early life in the ancient oceans, and
" the movement of life onto land approximately 400 million years ago.

Some attractions include:
" full-scale models of colossal dragonflies,
" a 6-foot-long centipede-like creature, and
" a tour of a 300-million-year-old Pennsylvanian coal swamp.

The fund-raiser allows visitors to experience the detailed fabrication and work invested in the production of the exhibits. Builders will be working throughout the evening, giving guests the opportunity to interact.

Live music will be provided by Horseshoe Road, while food and wine are to be catered by Legend's Restaurant. A silent auction also will be held. Tickets start at $75 per person, with all proceeds supporting the museum. For more information, call 325-4712, or visit their site.

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