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Museum to screen opera 'Aida' in HDTV



The fat lady sings closer to your doorstep when the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's Noble Theater screens the popular opera "Aida" in high-definition at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Directed by filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli ("Romeo and Juliet," "Jane Eyre"), this version of Giuseppe Verde's "Aida" opened in 2006 at Italy's prestigious La Scala theater, where its debut received a 12-minute standing ovation. Verde's original was staged on the same spot back in 1872, telling a four-act story about an Ethiopian princess who is forced into Egyptian slavery, where one of the pharaoh's military commanders falls for her, forcing him to choose between love and loyalty.

The museum's HDTV screening is an exclusive for Oklahoma City, through an agreement with the New York-based Emerging Pictures Corp., which broadcasts content to a select group of theaters nationwide equipped with high-definition receivers and projectors.

Last May, the museum first tried such an experiment with a broadcast of Mozart's "The Magic Flute," and more are planned this year.

"This is the next best thing to seeing (opera) live," said Brian Hearn, film curator of the museum, at the time. "This program "¦ allows us to host an opera, which is great since we don't have an opera company here."

Tickets are $20 for adults and $18 for students, seniors and museum members. For more information, call 278-8237 or visit their site.

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