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Music fans discuss state of the city's sounds



What does it take to motivate music fans to see a live show? Are local bands, performers and venues getting it right? What inspires audiences? Oklahoma Gazette assembled a small forum of local fans and concertgoers to find out what crowds crave and what might be missing from metro music.

Chad Kirby, 27
This information technology manager from Norman who enjoys a wide range of local music. Bands and performers with a reputation for a "good live show" are a necessary endorsement for him. Kirby said he isn't likely to check out new live music unless it's paired with familiar acts that guarantee an exciting show.

Katie Trattner, 23
She regularly seeks out live music in hometown OKC, but Trattner claims more of a musical home in Tulsa at the Cain's Ballroom, which brings in performers she is more likely to seek out. Any performance where she can "connect" with an artist is a draw for her.

"I paid my money to stand out here in the audience with a bunch of sweaty people, I want to hear you talk about your music," she said.

Kevin Reece, 34
As a husband and recent father, Reece said his time is limited, so he is forced to be picky about his "increasingly rare" nights spent in local bars, clubs and music venues.

"If I don't know the group, or haven't had a great time at their show before, you can pretty much count me out," he said.  "Joe Wertz

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