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My Morning Jacket-Okonokos




From the earliest days, shaggy, psychedelic-tinged indie rockers My Morning Jacket have been a band most comfortable in the live-wire environs of concert halls and theaters' sprawling, dense and often stunningly powerful, front man Jim James and his Kentucky cohorts have staked a claim as one of the best live rock bands currently working and the new, double-disc "Okonokos" is an aural reminder of precisely why.
Recorded during a San Francisco stop on the band's tour in support of 2005's "Z," this generous collection leans heavily on material from that formula-altering album, imbuing tracks like "Gideon," "Off the Record," "Dondante" and "Wordless Chorus" with a feral intensity.
The second disc trots out tracks of a more vintage nature' "Xmas Curtain," "I Think I'm Going to Hell" and the searing "Steam Engine" from the band's major label debut, "It Still Moves"' each pulsing with a incandescent energy all their own. If you're not yet a fan, these two discs just might convert you. 
- Preston Jones

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