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Naked Angels



The 1969 picture arrived at the crest of the biker-film craze, yet is so dull, it could’ve killed the genre. The plot concerns gang leader Mother (Michael Greene, The Harrad Experiment) being freshly discharged from the hospital, but in danger of going right back in as he seeks revenge on his rivals who put him there. All the elements of previous Corman biker pictures are there — clouds of dust, scantily clad women, a psych-out dream sequence — but also so much politics and in-fighting that the film’s engine never revs at a speed of momentum.

So loose is its meandering feel that it becomes apparent Naked Angels really is as aimless as the people it portrays. And that’s too bad, because it opens with promise, with funky music, Vegas lights and a creative montage.

Genre completists, take note the DVD is available exclusively from Shout! Factory’s online Shout! Select store. The print is occasionally too dark during nighttime scenes. —Rod Lott

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