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Natural Born Killers: The Director's Cut



"NBK" every bit as schizophrenic as its subjects. It's a sitcom! It's a cartoon! It's video! It's leftover film stock from "The Doors"!

One thing's for certain: It is violent. Not even a decade and a half of gore-soaked flicks like "Saw" or "Hostel" have done anything to lessen "NBK"'s arsenic-spiked punch. Several sequences still are disturbing to watch "? as they should be, because that's exactly the point.

Performances are across-the-board good, with Robert Downey Jr. and Tommy Lee Jones of note among the supporting players for spicing up their roles with anarchic flavor. And don't overlook that ones that were cut entirely, which you'll find on the deleted scenes, such as Ashley Judd daring to testify against our antiheroes in court "¦ and paying the price.

A new featurette examines how "NBK" might have been different in this Twitter age, and interviews such unlikely, famous-for-being-famous folks as Joey Buttafuoco. One thing this two-disc set really misses is a piece that really digs into the controversy surrounding the movie "? one that continues today, as the film has been blamed for no less than a dozen copycat crimes, as recent as last summer.

"?Rod Lott


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