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Net gain



We feel like Jimmy Stewart sitting in his wheelchair, spying on his neighbors through binoculars, but minus the danger and guilt. Netflix " the popular DVDs-by-mail rental service " has a "Local Favorites" page on its website that allows members to see what other members are watching by city.

For example, in Oklahoma City, the top title is "Twister," the tornado thriller largely shot in the Sooner State. As if we don't have enough of the real 'naders, we crave our fictional ones, too.

Since we have a Legislature more interested in playing church than playing politics, it should come as no surprise to see Kirk Cameron's Christian films "Left Behind: The Movie" and "Fireproof" coming in at No. 11 and 18, respectively.

But how to explain the No. 4 showing of "Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This" pot-comedy special? Certainly no one here inhales, right?

In the top slots in other parts of the metro are "Exodus," the 1960 epic about Israel's founding, in Edmond; season three of Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Ghost Whisperer" TV series, in Norman; and the Jason Bateman/Zach Braff comedy "The Ex" in Yukon. (Sitting five slots down in the Yuke is season one of "The Jeff Dunham Show." We'd like to think this would be the perennial fave rental in town for all of history, so get to sharing!)

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