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Neva Dinova brings the best of Omaha to Oklahoma



Indie country rockers Neva Dinova will perform at The Conservatory in Oklahoma City Thursday in support of its latest release, "You May Already Be Dreaming," a layered mix of slow picking guitars, imaginative lyrics ("I'm walking through traffic like I'm a prophet / There's no one to stop it"), echoing piano and traditional country sounds that fuse with messy guitar jams.

Playing in a community of like-minded musicians in the thriving music metropolis of Omaha, Neb., is well and good. But ask the members of alt-country outfit Neva Dinova about the perks of performing alongside that scene's leading songwriter.

In 2004, Neva Dinova recorded "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels," a gem of a split EP with acclaimed Nebraska natives Bright Eyes that more or less put the band on the map.

"We sold about 1,200 of our first CD. And the split sold 35,000," said front man and guitarist Jake Bellows. "So, you know, basically 30 times the listenership. We've been lucky for different bands to expose us to their fans: Cursive, The Good Life, Bright Eyes as well. But that split, for which we are really grateful, gave a chance for us to get to a lot more people."

Despite the open Midwestern landscapes evoked in many of the band's songs, Neva Divona often makes music geared more toward headphone listeners than modern cowboys looking for a good line dance.   "Danny Marroquin

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