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New Edmond-based record label aims to prime bands for stardom



Scott Booker's long experience managing bands " not the least of which is The Flaming Lips " makes him uniquely qualified to run Great Society, his new record label.
Warner Bros. Records is on board with his latest imprint, in no small part due to his years with the Lips.
"They already knew, working with me for 20 years, what kind of business person I was, what kind of taste I had and what ideas I had for marketing," he said.
Some of the bands Great Society will deal with are those that Warner Bros. is interested in, but aren't ready for the mainstream. Great Society will work with the artist to forge a loyal audience, and should an artist break through, Warner Bros. gets dibs.
"It's cheaper for WB to have a record label like Great Society go sign 10 bands for a quarter million dollars than it is for them to sign one band for a quarter million dollars," Booker said.
Great Society's first record released was a largely instrumental album by Roger O'Donnell, who played keyboards for The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs.
The label is looking at releasing as many as six more albums in 2007, including a possible deal with Oklahoma natives Colourmusic.
"If we sign Colourmusic and get them to the point that they are going to sell a lot of records, then Warner Bros. will come along and upswing them from us," Booker said. "Charles Martin

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