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New football league considering OKC as host city




A new outdoor 11-on-11 league is giving pro football a shot. It's dubbed the United Football League, and officials are scouting out 13 potential franchise cities to host the first eight teams. As fate has it, Oklahoma City is one of them.

Officials already have been in town, talking to business owners, seeing who would be interested in taking on the challenge of a new league " one which will require strong financial footing to survive, said Michael Huyghue, UFL commissioner.

"You can't run out of money, which is where the other leagues have had problems," Huyghue said. "You need a bulletproof business plan with partners that know this is a building process. There has already been some ownership interest develop in Oklahoma City, so there is a strong possibility."

According to TicketRESERVE Executive Vice President Andy Leach, the cities were chosen for a number of factors " the biggest being whether each had a robust economy, and a rabid fan base and a stadium big enough to support a pro team.

The real question is whether OKC or any other city in the running has a fan base interested in supporting the league. Officials might find plenty of owners willing to take on a team, but that team will survive only if it can fill the stands.

Officials plan on announcing the host cities in early- to mid-December, but might hold off the decision as they watch the prospective markets. For more information, visit their site. "Charles Martin 



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