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New gallery opens in Plaza District



A new gallery focused on local artists opens its doors from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday in the Plaza District.

The parts&labor gallery, 1710 N.W. 16th, will display and promote local art, and sell vintage clothes and gift items. Event coordinator Camden Maxwell said she and owner Travis Pickett have several ideas on how to set the gallery apart from others in the metro.

"We're putting our minds together, trying to be different and unique because these days you have to be," she said.

Two local artists, Debbie Curtis and Wade Crow, will showcase their pieces at the opening reception.

Curtis specializes in vintage Barbie art. Essentially, she takes 1950s dolls and recreates them in abstract paintings on canvas and wallpaper, which allows viewers to fill in the details on their own.

Crow's art is inspired by his own personal experiences. His feelings are evident in each piece through his use of color and three-dimensional movement, which Maxwell said almost appears graffiti-like.

Although local art is the focus of parts&labor, Maxwell said she and Pickett hope to one day host weekend events and book bands to perform there.

The reception is free.

"?Paige Lawler


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