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New It Dies Today vocalist settling in



The replacement of one's lead singer after claiming a loyal fan base and a respectable amount of ink is hardly ever a good sign. But don't tell that to It Dies Today when the band rolls through Oklahoma City and invades The Conservatory on Sunday.

Jason Wood, who officially replaced lead vocalist Nick Brooks for the Buffalo, N.Y.-based metalcore quintet in January, admitted that the transition wasn't without its challenges.

"At first, you know, it was kind of rough. But, basically, I had to step up to the plate and hit a grand slam for the team," Wood said. "We all get along personally more. You can tell in our stage show and in our sound and everything that we look like we're having a lot more fun. We all get along better."

With the group having recorded four albums with Brooks, which included 2004's acclaimed "The Caitiff Choir" and last year's "Sirens," Wood is well aware that his contributions to It Dies Today have to be strong yet undeniably his own.

"It was tough at first, because people were second-guessing just because they're used to something, but after seeing us play live, they know that it was the right decision for the band to make," he said. "I bring more energy to it. Live and on CD. And I'll be taking a serious part in writing as well, which we'll be doing after this tour." "J. Patrick Crain

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