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New temptation; more of the old temptation



The city that famously lost a million pounds during its This City is Going on a Diet campaign has a new temptation.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Dunkin’ Donuts wants to invade OKC in a major way. The owner of four local franchises, Misha Goli, has plans to develop 13 new
stores, he said in a media release. Soon, you can get your full-fat,
full-sugar goodness without making the late-night commute to NW 39th
Street or a locally founded bakery.

are excited to continue to expand Dunkin’ Donuts’ presence,” Goli said
in a media statement. (Not to mention OKC’s waistlines.)

Really, Dunkin’? You have to tempt us at every mile with your delicious carb- and sugar-laden goodies?

But don’t worry, calorie-minders.

has your back with it’s DDSMART (did anyone else read that as DDS
Mart?) items, which are “better for you” with 400 calories or less.
Featured on that menu are — you guessed it — no doughnuts.

Speaking of...

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