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So I’m the new girl, and we’ve got shopping to do!

First things first: If you’ve not already established a personal style mantra, start right now. Mine is: “Old or new, make it you.”

There is an availability of abundant treasure in this great city. Whether you’re scouting for “new” accessories, clothing or furniture, you’re more than covered. Here’s a vintage vantage of this city’s alternative shopping.

First up is Bargain Thrift Store (4545 N.W. 16th; 753-6561). Probably my favorite thing about this shop is the area in the back labeled “Test Plugs.” That’s right: quality check!

You’ll be able to fulfill all your basic needs in this store. It’s clean and well-organized, filled with a healthy mix of contemporary, gently used items as well as vintage, mod pieces. There’s a huge selection of luggage – rolling cases, as well as classic luggage that boast a traditional handle (good for decorating or traveling).

Next up is St. Vincent de Paul (4515 N.W. 10th; 917-5999). Running late on your Halloween duds? Never fear, it has quite a selection for adults and children.

Its focus tends to be more in the vein of clothing, shoes and bags. The racks are separated for women and men, and on each respective side, the organization continues. The bags are even done according to color! You won’t be disappointed in the selection.

Both Bargain and St. Vincent roll their profit into local charities and the betterment of the community.

While in the area, check out Antique Co-op (1227 N. May; 942- 1214). From the creaky front door to the complimentary coffee to the cavernous building of wonder, this place is an absolute must-shop. Every nook and cranny cradles hidden gems begging for discovery.

Don’t be shy: Ask to see items hiding in one of the many cases. Allow a few hours for this stop. You can find just about anything, but their furniture section is a mid-century modern haven. Don Draper would approve.

I’ll leave you with an exciting alternative shopping experience you don’t want to miss. The eighth annual WorldFest, hosted by World Neighbors (a noteworthy campaign that fights hunger, poverty and disease through educational programs), happens Saturday at the OKC Farmers Public Market (311 S. Klein; 232-6506).

The market features a plethora of exotic, fair trade handiwork. World Neighbors was founded in 1951 by Oklahoma native Dr. John L. Peters. Proceeds support the World Neighbors campaign. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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