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New Year, new resolutions



I nominally consider making New Year’s resolutions every single year. I have yet to actually make one and stick with it. But I swear, this year will be different. (No, it won’t.)

First up, lipstick. I don’t wear it. I don’t even wear gloss. Instead, I go for ChapStick, a lifelong obsession. But I know a few women who wear a deep, red lipstick and wear it well.

Thou shalt loseth the weight.

The MakeUp Bar (7646 N. Western; 810-1226) has a lovely collection of lipsticks by Nars and Tarte in the on-trend matte look with winterappropriate colors of classic red or deep berry. I always worry about anything matte on my lips since they’re the approximate shape of a dehydrated 80-year-old’s pucker, but the shades from Nars and Tarte are very alluring.

Also new is the Hydra Chic line of lipsticks by Chantecaille, which are super moisturizing, yet guaranteed to last for hours.

More my speed, The MakeUp Bar has a great selection of glosses and balms. My favorite was the lip treatment with SPF (read: basically Chap- Stick) with a hint of color by Fresh, like a lipstick with training wheels.

My second resolution? Write thank you cards. Or just send cards, full stop. Every year, I get scads of Christmas cards and letters from friends and family, and I am the one horrible friend/relative that doesn’t return the favor. I don’t even buy Christmas cards anymore, since the ones I did ever buy just sat sad and alone in their boxes. I know — Miss Manners would probably be appalled.

But, even I’m tempted by the cards and stationery at No Regrets (9301 N. Penn; 753-5485). No Regrets has blank cards, occasion cards and printable invites. I particularly loved the invites by Cross My Heart, Lilly Pulitzer and Lemon Tree Paper.

For a traditional card with a fashionable twist, look for the cards by Jonathan Adler done in bright prints. Very cute.

My favorite, however, had to be the blank notes and stationery that can be personalized or monogrammed. Imagine getting a nice note with this announcement at the bottom: “From the desk of JCP, esq. Supreme Mugwump and Level 5 Cat Lady.” Sold.

Finally, everyone’s favorite and perennial New Year’s resolution: Thou shalt work out more and loseth the weight.

I already do a three-times-a-week boot camp at my local YMCA, and I’m on the glorious Fighting Chickens indoor soccer team (we weren’t last in our division this season!), but I do need to add more yoga. The gym becomes an absolutely hateful place this time of year, with classes full to bursting and a perpetual wait for the elliptical, but getting in shape is worth it.

Check out the great rates and variety of classes at the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. With 10 metro locations, you have no excuse.

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