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News9/OKG Poll: Cornett still dominates in pre-election poll



The exclusive News9/Oklahoma Gazette poll, released Sunday, shows almost no change from a poll taken a week ago in Cornett’s support, while Ed Shadid drew some votes away from other candidates.

The Feb. 27-March 1 tally put Cornett in the lead with 63 percent. Candidate Ed Shadid gained six points over the Feb. 17-19 poll, and his latest result shows 25 percent of likely voters would vote for Shadid, up from 19 percent.

Joe “Sarge” Nelson dropped from 6 to 1 percent, Phil Hughes dropped from 2 to 1 percent, and “unsure” voters were unchanged at 9 percent.

The polls revealed that the Oklahoma City mayoral race is indeed nonpartisan — so much so that respondents often didn’t know the affiliation of the top two candidates. Thirty percent said they were “unsure” of Cornett’s party affiliation. Fifty-six percent were correct and answered “Republican.”

Even fewer knew which party Independent Shadid stood for: Thirty-five percent said “Democrat,” and 28 percent said “unsure.”  Only 35 percent of likely voters indicated that party affiliation made a lot or some difference when choosing to vote for a candidate.

Oklahoma Gazette will post updates on its exclusive News9/Oklahoma Gazette polling in the coming days and weeks.

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