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Newspaper names Thunder mascot to lame list



The Oklahoma City Thunder mascot is not even a year old, and already some are proclaiming it as one of the lamest in professional athletics.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's sports department put out a list of the 10 lamest mascots in pro sports. The City of Brotherly Love is a famous sports town that seen its share of cool and lame mascots.

The Inquirer's sports desk considers its own 76ers basketball team's mascot, Hip-Hop the rappin' bunny, pretty high on the lame list.

But to declare Rumble, the Thunder's bison mascot, as lame when it has only been entertaining fans for just a few months seem harsh. The paper's explanation for making the list is even harsher.

"The Oklahoma City mascot looks a little like Teen Wolf," wrote sports columnist John Gonzalez. "Teen Wolf," if you all remember, was a 1985 movie about a teenage boy who is also a werewolf with a ridiculous vertical jump on the basketball court. "Sadly," the column continues, "it's even less entertaining than the movie."

Well, at least Rumble is in with some pretty good company. The Inquirer's lamest list includes: Steely McBeam (Pittsburgh Steelers), Boltman (San Diego Chargers), Poe (Baltimore Ravens "¦ yes, after famed author Edgar Allan Poe, author of the well-known narrative poem "The Raven"), Dinger (Colorado Rockies), Hip-Hop (Philadelphia 76ers), Mr. Met (New York Mets), Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys), Slider (Cleveland Indians) and Wally the Green Monster (Boston Red Sox "¦ in reference to the tall green wall at the back of the baseball stadium).

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