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Next up: Death Star



The Oklahoma City resident recently shared this wish with the world at — specifically, to build a full-scale, functional model of an AT-AT Imperial Walker from ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ all in order for “America to make something awesome again,” the site reads.

Nerds everywhere scream, “Cool!” Tea Partiers everywhere cry, “Whaddaya mean ‘again,’ you pinko commie?” And Chicken-Fried News says, well, it’s not exactly the Works Progress Administration, but to each his own. Since launching his Tumblr site, Koehler has received press mentions on the likes of G4’s “Attack of the Show” (the geek-news program that helped launched Olivia Munn’s career) and in the pages of New York Daily News.

Via the site, supporters
can click his PayPal link to donate the necessary funds, and we’re
confident the members of the “Star Wars” generation will respond in
kind. Meanwhile, local charities struggle just to feed the starving
family on the corner.

But we think one Boing Boing commenter said it best:

forward to a bunch of Ewoks dancing around a fire with storm trooper
heads on sticks. Yeah, that’s how that idea works out.”

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