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Reviewers' grade: B-

"Next" is not technically a time-travel flick, but it's close enough to be susceptible both to the genre's kaleidoscopic joys and its lapses in logic. Loosely based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, the movie is a frothy blast of hokum that's clever as long as you don't scrutinize it too closely.


Nicolas Cage is in quirky mode as Cris Johnson, a low-rent Las Vegas magician and gambler whose modest success comes from a secret skill: He can see into the future. To be precise, he can see two minutes into the future, but it's enough clairvoyance for a flinty FBI agent (Julianne Moore) who wants Cris to help prevent some terrorists from detonating a nuke somewhere in Southern California. Cris, meanwhile, just wants to get his groove on with a beautiful young woman (Jessica Biel) whom he has seen in recurring visions.


"Next" is unbridled schlock, but it boasts some snappy chase scenes, a few mind-bending ideas and a whopper of a twist as surprising as it is inevitable. PG-13


"?Phil Bacharach  


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