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Night School



Remembered all these years for introducing us to Aussie actress Rachel Ward ("Against All Odds"), the horror film is finally available on DVD, courtesy of Warner Archive. She's one of many pretty people in danger of losing her head at the titular institution — not figuratively due to a punishing course load, but literally due to the leather-clad motorcycle man who's been decapitating co-eds. No-nonsense good guy Lt. Austin (Leonard Mann, "Flowers in the Attic") investigates.

Director Ken Hughes ("Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," believe it or not) teasingly taunts in staging his murder sequences, surprisingly slim on actual blood, from the opening kill on a not-so-merry-go-round to an extended joke in a two-bit diner (you may never eat beef stew again). Speaking of meat, Ward and her professor lover (Drew Synder, "WarGames") share a strange sex scene in the shower, in which he erotically slathers her nude body with red paint. Or is it Sriracha sauce?

Doesn't matter. Fun either way. —Rod Lott

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