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Nim's Island



Reviewer's grade: B

Jodie Foster flashes back to her days as a Disney child star "? although this time Abagail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine") is the kid and Foster is the hapless adult "? in this comfortable adventure yarn for tween girls. Foster is the nervous author of a series of adventure stories and Gerard Butler ("300") is her imaginary friend and main character in her books. He's an Indiana Jones kind of guy; she's a Don Knotts kind of gal.

When 11-year-old Nim is left alone on a hidden island halfway around the world, Foster's scaredy-pants writer receives an SOS e-mail and sets out to rescue her. It's all harder to swallow than a porcupine's tail, but it's safe and pushes all the right buttons for its intended demographic "? a tropical tree house, clever and exotic pets, and a child who saves the island from discovery. PG

"?Doug Bentin    

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