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No bull



There was a running of the bulls down the streets of Bethany Nov. 4. Or, more specifically, a running of a bull. Singular.

According to KOCO, the "roadway rodeo" (their words, not ours) kicked off in the afternoon near N.W. 16th Street and Rockwell Avenue when a bull got loose from a trailer.

But this wasn't any bull. This was a Mexican fighting bull.

OK, stop. Mexican fighting bull? Is that legal in Oklahoma?

The legality and morality of bullfighting aside, this brawny bovine made its great escape by heading southbound along MacArthur Boulevard. (Wrong way, big guy! Only more bullfighting that way!) According to KOCO, animal control officers tried to get close enough to tranq the bull, but he didn't cooperate, instead charging them. Maybe they should have rethought those coordinated red outfits with capes that day?

Anyway, the police said they had to shoot and kill the bull when it started charging. That makes us sad.

No other injuries " besides, you know, one deceased bull " were reported from the mad cow's escape attempt.

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