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All the rodeo clowns have sad faces. It was reported just last week that the annual Oklahoma State Prison Rodeo in McAlester has bitten the dust. According to an article from The Associated Press, the state's budget means that for the first time in seven decades, the prison rodeo is not to be.

"It's a tremendous loss," said Terry Crenshaw, a warden's assistant at the McAlester prison, told AP. Jamie Clifton, who works at McAlester's Tobacco Hut Drive Thru, picked perhaps more appropriate words, considering the rodeo was held behind prison walls.

"They're cutting their own throats," she reportedly told the AP.

The way the rodeo died notwithstanding, its demise will take a big bite out of McAlester's income. According to the AP article, the late summer rodeo usually means booked hotels, brimming restaurants and busy shops. The rodeo brings in up to 15,000 visitors each year from loads of states and even different countries. But not this year.

Apparently, it costs quite a few bucks to see a prisoner get bucked. It takes $120,000 to stage the event, according to AP, including $30,000 in overtime for prison workers.

Well, at least we can look forward to a great rodeo when it does finally return. What else have the prisoners got to do in the meantime?

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