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No End in Sight



Reviewer's grade: B-


First-time filmmaker Charles Ferguson writes, directs and produces this documentary about the role bureaucratic mistakes played in creating the Middle Eastern military swamp the U.S. is mired in today. Narrated by actor Campbell Scott, "No End" features a lot of archival footage of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice and other players who didn't want to incriminate themselves on camera, countered with interviews of former players who want to strike back at the Empire, including former Secretary of State Richard Armitage and ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine.


Slick and well-researched, "No End in Sight" tries too hard to be both a historical document and an indictment of the Bush administration's policies. It doesn't say much you probably haven't heard before, and if you've seen "Fahrenheit 9/11," you probably felt the same kind of anger Ferguson provokes here.


At the same time, despite his finger-pointing (and a Ph.D. in poli-sci), Ferguson doesn't offer any solutions. The situation is ridiculous, we were misled and the country's financially screwed through the next Ice Age. Tell us something we don't know. Playing Friday and Saturday at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. NR


"?Mike Robertson


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