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No fooling Mother Nature



“Clean, reliable and affordable” are words of certainty, until Mother Nature kicks your ass. Katrina, the BP oil spill in the Gulf and the Exxon Valdez are just a few examples of what “won’t” go wrong in the pursuit of such energy. Now we have a list of earthquakes around the world, from Haiti to Japan, that point out the weaknesses in all governmental prognostications. They truly have no idea what they are talking about because those darn tornadoes and earthquakes are so unpredictable.

One year on, and the floor of the Gulf is still a black, toxic mess. Japan has suffered triple blows in the form of major earthquakes coupled with a few nuclear power plants sitting precariously on the top of these major quake zones, and a tsunami to really make human construction seem like so much folly.

This should be a lesson for the world, but oh no. The California coastline is a mirror image of this scenario, but I’m sure those nuclear facilities are built much, much better. If I recall, most energy facilities are built with the contracts going to the “lowest bidder.” Isn’t that the way a responsible government works?

Japan might have recovered from the earthquakes and tsunami, but the dynamics of all this nuclear pollution will forever contaminate Japan and everything around it. For all the money spent on nuclear and coal energy plants, every home in the world could be equipped with solar and wind energy and the world would not be in the mess we are in.

Ironic that about the only thing Sen.

Inhofe agrees with the Obama administration on is nuclear energy? That makes me nervous. Suffice it to say that we have the technology and expertise to make solar, wind and other forms of alternative energy available to all of us, but so long as governmental policy is dictated by big business, those alternatives will not be pursued.

The biggest question for Sen. Inhofe and all proponents of nuclear energy is this: Do you really want one of these nuclear facilities, or a nuclear dump site in your backyard? I think I know the answer.

—Ron Ferrell

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