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No jokes, Jim



In an odd attempt at humor, or at least lightheartedness, The Duncan Banner reported Lankford made a stop in town and told 50 or so people that things could be worse in this country, you know, like when the Civil War was taking place or when politicians were murdering one another.

Heck, the Civil War was pretty bad, way worse than current economic woes, but his attempts at humor fell flat. Instead, the Banner reported those in attendance were in no mood to laugh and he was hit with hard questions about Obamacare, the budget deficit, the national debt, immigration and other hot topics.

asked about his opponent for the Senate seat, state Rep. T.W. Shannon,
Lankford could have painted him as a clown or made some sort of joke at
the expense of the former speaker of the House. Instead, he called
Shannon a friend and said rather than badmouth him, their differences
would “come out organically in time.”

While guests suffered through his attempts at humor and veiled answers,
things could have been worse. The event could have taken place during
the Civil War.

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