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No Justice — America’s Son



For the record, the film is a back woods action-revenge
thriller starring Kevin Sorbo. That perfectly suits the bluesy-rootsy
tune with lines like, “Who you gonna call when it gets rough” and “Where
you gonna run when the river runs dry,” sung with a passion that would
go great with a couple of roundhouse kicks.

remaining nine tracks do a good job of living up to that. The
Stillwater-born band reminds me of early-’80s neo-Americana groups that
mixed gritty storytelling and catchy hooks, like a more
mainstream-minded Blasters or a more Caucasian Cruzados.

Too Short” is the obligatory “raise your glasses” number, while “Shot
in the Dark” pounds a power-pop beat deep into your head and feet.

title track is another standout, with a sound that makes No Justice
feel like a band from another, more positive time, back when these songs
would’ve been on every action-movie soundtrack album. Let’s bring that
back. Someone get Sorbo on the phone! —Louis Fowler

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