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No more Mr. Nice Guy?



So why, we ask, does the NBA decide to fine Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant for making a throat-slicing gesture in connection with a big-time poster dunk against the Golden State Warriors a week ago?

Heck, he wasn’t really threatening anyone; the gesture was an antic, a move designed to agitate the Golden State crowd and pump up his own team in a tight game that the Thunder eventually won.

Durant, once known as the league’s Mr. Nice Guy, explained later that the gesture was part of a “killer instinct” mindset when competing on the court: Play with attitude during the game; shake hands afterward.

But the NBA apparently doesn’t share the strategy; it fined Durant $25,000 — a steep financial penalty for anyone, except maybe millionaire b-ball superstars.

At Chicken-Fried News, we like seeing KD play with an aggressive, tougher attitude this season after being such a nice guy the past few years. We want him and the rest of the Thunder to rule the enemy (all other NBA teams), then put the hammer down and stomp on their throats — figuratively speaking, of course.

In this case, let there be no slicing gesture,  just a big foot stomp. Surely, there’s no NBA rule against that.

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