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No party for third parties



Credit: Brad Gregg

Nope. There’s also independents. And Von Hayek acolytes. And Ron Paul fans. And Ayn Rand devotees, or “Randroids,” as we called them in college (they were cool with it; libertarians have a great sense of humor). And your cabin-dwelling uncle who thinks the FDA is poisoning the water table.

The Libertarian party has selected Gary Johnson, a former two-term New Mexico governor, as its presidential nominee. He and running mate James P. Gray will appear on the November ballot in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Oklahoma, however, is joining Michigan and Pennsylvania as being odd men out.

McGuigan of notes that activists and politicians have
spent years attempting to simplify ballot access rules in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Legislature should carefully reexamine the state’s
darn-near-impossible ballot access provisions,” he wrote recently.

a matter of justice, the ‘safety valve’ aspects of third parties should
be allowed to have at least some chance of success in function here, as
is the case in every other state.”

third-party candidate Ralph Nader once said that independent party
candidates “have to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest to get on the
ballot” in Oklahoma.

Of course, the Sooner State didn’t get quite as riled up when Nader was the one left out of our election.

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