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No singers wanted in Maserati



The members of Athens, Ga., four-piece Maserati forego vocals in favor of bringing their expansive melodies and muscular, yet intuitive percussion to the spotlight. They blend ambient rhythms and modern dance rock with a Seventies groove to create highly emotive tracks on its latest release, "Inventions for the New Season."

"When we have an idea (for a song), we have a couple key points we want to hit," guitarist Coley Dennis said. "We have a couple hooks and need to bridge them, so we'll have the foundation. It's pretty easy to keep it where we want without getting too off base."

Maserati specifically used the new album to test song structures, seeking out various ways to introduce and fade out instruments as well as playing with or defying basic pop formulas.

"We're not interested in doing the same thing twice. We want to keep evolving," Dennis said. "The first song that inspired us for this album was 'Inventions.' We had a long repetition of guitars " five or six minutes go by before the drums kick in. We wanted to have a lot of space building with just guitars."

Lately, instrumental bands are finding solid footing and audiences for their music.
"The crowds are pretty diverse. They're not too strange," Dennis said. "We get a lot of younger kids into the instrumental bands coming out now, then you get 40-year-olds who were into Pink Floyd when they were their kids' age." "Charles Martin


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