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Norman documentary to chronicle state's 100 years of history



A centennial documentary currently in preproduction in Norman will focus on the people " rather than the places and events " that make Oklahoma grand.

When filmmaker Peter Zhmutski " originally from Kazakhstan " moved to Oklahoma in 2003, he said he was impressed by Oklahoma and its "friendly" citizens.

"Sometimes it's really hard for foreign people to find a good place and to find good people, but Oklahoma has embraced us "¦ so we were thinking what would be a good way to thank Oklahoma," Zhmutski said.

The solution was "One Hundred Years of Oklahoma," a documentary produced by Zhmutski and Curt Fischer that will follow the history of Oklahoma throughout its 100 years of statehood.

While documentaries have been made on specific time frames of Oklahoma history, none have covered the state's entire century-long history, Zhmutski said.

Oklahoma City attorney Bob Burke, who has written more than 70 books about Oklahoma, is responsible for providing the historical background.

"Oklahoma has one of the boldest histories of any of the 50 states," said Burke. "(It's) not about places and events " it's about people." And that story will be told through re-enactments, documents and archival footage.

The studio plans to premiere the documentary in a few theaters and on DVD by the end of the year as an official centennial event.

However, before work can even begin, the studio must concentrate its efforts on funding the film.

"Some people don't know that much about Oklahoma at all, which is such a shame," Zhmutski said. "Chris Willard

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