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Norman gallery to display Angelina Jolie statue



Angelina Jolie is coming to town! 

Well, a bronze statue of the Oscar-winning actress, at least. Not only barefoot, but totally nude. And she's breastfeeding. With a baby on each Voight. 

Now that's what we call "A Mighty Heart," indeed.

Created by New York-based artist Daniel Edwards, whose clinically accurate sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth made international headlines, the statue will be exhibited beginning Sept. 11 at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman.

Edwards said he created the work to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week, which was Aug. 1-7. (Wait a sec " there's an entire week dedicated to that activity? And we didn't have lactation awareness down on our calendar?)

CFN thinks our state is lucky to host such a, um, piece. As Hollywood gossip Web site The Superficial put it, "It's scheduled to be displayed in Oklahoma which sounds like a great idea. Because there's nothing the Midwest loves more than activist celebrities. And art."

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