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Norman's Blue Fish music show celebrates 20th gig



The 20th Blue Fish Companion party/music show recently was held at Norman's Red Room.
"It comes with a built-in crowd," said Quentin Bomgardner, founder. "When I contact people, they want to play Blue Fish and that is why. You want to play in front of people. As a musician, it stinks to play in front of 10 people on a Tuesday night."
The Blue Fish began as a simple house party which outgrew the house. The party moved to the American Legion Hall and bands started playing. From there, the Blue Fish has migrated from club to club as it drew waves of new fans.
"I met the girl I lost my virginity to at a Blue Fish party," Chase Spivey of Ghosts of Monkshood said. "Blue Fish shakes people out of apathy toward the scene now and then. Quentin has a good ear for picking bands and it's an event everyone knows about and everyone thinks is cool."
Blue Fish's most notable " and notorious " event came when the party doubled as a reunion show for Tyson Meade's pre-Chainsaw Kittens band Defenestration at the Sooner Theatre. It got shut down.
"(Hundreds of) people showed up and a bunch of people tried to smoke in there, and we had problems with security," Bomgardner said. "It has become a favorite moment of mine, but at the time it wasn't." "Charles Martin

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