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Norman's Mean Spirits conjure up psychobilly rock



If Norman garage band The Mean Spirits set up shop in your neighborhood, area residents probably would think, "Well, there goes the neighborhood."

"The first description I ever heard anyone say about it, they said it was like schizophrenic heroin addicts dancing around at a Christmas party, on a spaceship," lead singer and guitarist Zach Massey said.

But in good time, the rock 'n' roll would grow on them, and your neighbors would find themselves bobbing their heads, enchanted by the charms of the psychedelic music the group produces.

"We've been really lucky and fortunate as far as crowd reaction," Massey said.

He said the crowds at a Mean Spirits show span the spectrum " young and old, those into Fifties rock and those into punk music.

"One thing we wanted to do, you know, is that you hear a lot of songs about girls and about love, and there's some songs we sing that are about girls and about love, but I just wanted to get out of that vein because it's beat to death, and maybe go to a bit of a weirder place," Massey said.

Like any good rock star, he has tried and true methods to prepare when he takes to the task of singing.

"To be real honest with you, I drink a couple of beers and smoke a couple of cigarettes and try to get loose," Massey said. "Brian Mangieri

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