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I just wanted to express my thanks for the article you published about Asatru (News, Greg Horton, "Okies and Odinism," Dec. 23, 2009, Gazette). As a member of the Oklahoma Great Plains Kindred (along with the Asatru Alliance, and the Odinic Rite), Aundrea Grooms is my kinswoman.

I've known for a bit now that she'd been interviewed for the article over our faith in your paper, and I have to be honest, I've been biting my fingernails in anticipation. So many times when our faith is in the news, we're made out to be racist, hate-mongering jerks. A lot of the times, even when an article starts off under the pretense that we're not, they always end up doing nothing but saying, "Oh, this person says they're not," but then the article itself is nothing but reporting on the people who claim our faith, but are really just racist scum.

The article was certainly not the typical news piece about Asatru. I believe that our faith was presented a very positive light in your publication, and for that I truly thank you!
"Matthew Evans
Warr Acres

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