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Not braaaains, but lungs



Amid a procession of monsters in Oklahoma Gazette's Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween parade on Oct. 23, one zombie rode atop a motorized mobility scooter.

Along with her barrage of "lung-hungry zombies," better-known as her family and friends, Oklahoma City resident Carol Craig wheeled through " rather than marched " the parade route. Craig has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an illness that gets worse over time as it makes it progressively difficult to breathe.

"We thought it would be really cool to have a person show that they're willing to work hard in order to fight this disease by getting out in the parade and having fun," said her husband, James Craig. "Yeah, she had to carry oxygen with her, but she was still able to do it."

Diagnosed in 1999, her condition has worsened and a lung transplant is required for her survival. Medical expenses and costs for prescription medication will cost the family more than $500,000 within the first year following the transplant surgery. To offset these costs, the family hosts several fundraising events. Past events have included garage sales, poker runs and a crawfish boil.

"We feel really fortunate that we get the support that we do from the community," James Craig said. "It's a long endeavor to where you actually get the transplant, but lots of people really want to help."

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