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I hope you were not suggesting that all these wonderful human beings are “zealots” who simply do not know the “truth.” I am sorry, sir, but you cannot speak for everyone. Unless you have had a class in which you sat down and were taught the scientific evidence that not only proves evolution to be safe and sound (unlike your headless chicken), but is discussed, daily, I fail to understand how your words have any real valid argument.
From what I read, you mostly stated your opinion that there has to be a creator because everything around you is too complicated to form by itself.

If you want to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, that is your choice. You have that right. But to blanket the entire field of published research on the topic of evolution with a hissing statement that scorns it and calls it false is incredibly selfish.

Who, really, are you trying to convince? And more importantly, why do you feel the need to discredit evolution like it is some enemy to your religious beliefs? For one thing, a theory is not a story. In fact, a theory must have substantial evidence to support it in order to even be a theory. Not only that, a theory is generally an explanation or model based on tested reasoning to explain and predict natural phenomena. Theories basically correlate all the given facts about an observation. This means that all of science is made up of theories, which means that science is based off of given facts. Remember, theories relate to facts. In other words, not made up.

Mr. Kern, you are obsessed with the idea the evolution is “bad science,” which means it does not fit your not-so-humble point of view that subscribes to creationism. It seems to me that you represent an example of a person who cannot accept anything that is contrary to your religious beliefs.

If this is the case, then how can you possibly relate to any other human being in the world who does not believe as you do? Do you simply kick them out of your home or put on a fake smile and pray for them when they leave? I truly wonder, Mr. Kern. What if a daughter of yours comes up to you and tells you she wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up, studying science, and wishes to contribute to the field of knowledge surrounding the biological sciences? Which means, yes, evolution. Are you going to yank her from school and put her in a Christian college or maybe just homeschool her, saying that the earth is only several thousands of years old because it makes you more comfortable? Please do tell.

The little things in life are important, Mr. Kern. There are far more important issues than this facing Oklahoma right now, not to mention a severe drought, but I really hope that you would not decide for your children what they should believe. I see that as an individual choice. Please, regard other Oklahomans as thinking, human beings and not as a larger part of your congregation. Keep church and politics separated.
Evolution is so far from dead that it leads me to think you have not read much current literature regarding science as a whole. There is evidence in cellular biology, paleontology and climatology that lead very strongly to evidence for evolution. Please visit your local library and read up.

—Kristi Hendricks

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