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Not everyone cheering Hinder's return to OKC



They have sold millions of albums worldwide and have played to huge crowds all over the United States and overseas. So why do so many Oklahomans shudder when they hear the name Hinder?

An Internet search of the band's name pulls up scores of rants and negative reviews of everything the band does. All Music Guide considered "Extreme Behavior" one of the worst albums of 2006, saying it appealed "not to fans of music, but fans of high fives."

Whether it's the style they play, the lifestyle they portray or the things they say, Hinder is the band locals love to loathe.

Roman Wilkinson, 24, is also the founder and leader of the "Citizens Against Hinder!!!" MySpace group, which has about 188 members, mostly Oklahoman.

"My main issue with them is they just didn't work for very hard for what they have," Wilkinson said. "That, and they didn't write their own songs or even record their own parts on their album. That's not rock 'n' roll. It doesn't mean anything if it's not coming from you."

Of course, one could argue that calling other OKC bands a "bunch of fairies" " which lead singer Winkler did in Rolling Stone magazine in 2006 " might not be the best way to cultivate support from local musicians.

Hinder bassist Mike Rodden said the negative comments go both ways.

"Yeah, sometimes we run our mouths a lot, and (lead singer) Austin (Winkler) doesn't always speak for all of us," he said. "But you know, it goes in circles. People give us shit and we talk shit back. We had the second-highest-selling rock record last year, so we honestly don't care. We think it's funny." "Joe Wertz

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