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Not so hot



Credit: Brad Gregg

July was the hottest month in the U.S. since records began in
1895. Our fair state alone broke 64 heat records last month, which
followed on the heels of Oklahoma’s warmest spring ever recorded,
according to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey.

the warning bells about climate change have been sounding louder.
Koch-funded scientist Richard A. Muller penned a July 28 op-ed in The New York Times entitled,
“The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic,” which was closely
followed by NASA scientist James E. Hansen’s assertion that, “for the
extreme hot weather of the recent past, there is virtually no
explanation other than climate change.”

our senior senator is nothing if not a stubborn cuss. Inhofe restated
on the Senate floor Aug. 1 that global warming is “the greatest hoax
ever perpetrated on the American people,” and, according to the Tulsa World, filed a bill seeking to end all federal funding for climate change research and activities.

Biologists might shudder but Newton would be proud.

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