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Novelty act experiments with vinyl releases



Cool bands need cool swag, and vinyl releases are prizes coveted by audiophiles and those looking for killer wall art. One-man rock spectacle Mickey Reece is experimenting with an El Paso Hot Button vinyl release in the form of a 7-inch album split with Mexicali screamo band Lipstick Terror.

For the split, Reece cut "3 4 1," a fuzz-rock track drowning in ghostly echo that falls squarely within EPHB's strike zone. The song should thrive on dusty speakers still connected to aged turntables.

The new album comes ahead of a collection of EPHB songs remixed by local duo Trash Yourself, and an upcoming full-length release entitled "Keep Your Eyes Quiet."

For the time being, Reece is keeping himself busy on the road, outings that include a slot at Saturday's Fun Fun Fun Fest, a massive music festival in Austin, Texas. He hopes to bolster his studio work by winning fans on the road with his unique live show.

"Sometimes I forget that I'm kind of a novelty act," Reece said. "People come up and look at my setup and scratch their heads and I'm thinking, 'What are they confused about?' and then I remember that my drums are on erector sets, and I'm sitting at a chair covered in smoke."

El Paso Hot Button will join Recorder and Scar Party for a 9 p.m. Friday show at the Opolis in Norman. Tickets are $7. For more information, call 447-3417.  "Charles Martin

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