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Now, Which One Is the Brake? (all-new)



Elderly drivers' recent lapses of concentration, confusing the brake pedal with the gas (or however artfully they try to explain what happened): A Citrus Heights, Calif., woman, 81, drove into the ATM lobby of a Wells Fargo bank, injuring a customer (March).

A Chicago Heights, Ind., woman in her 80s drove through a Dairy Queen (April).

A Burbank, Calif., woman, 88, drove into a post office, injuring two (March).

An Indianapolis woman, 90, backed into a McDonald's restaurant, injuring two (April).

A Springfield, Ill., woman described as "elderly," drove through a delicatessen (March).

A San Diego woman, 81, drove her car onto the support wires for a power pole, where it was dangling when police arrived (March).

And in a variation, a Mount Pleasant, Pa., funeral home attendant, 73, mistakenly shifted into reverse and fatally struck the owner of the car, who had just turned it over to the man to park (March).

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