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Nuns implore governor to sign dog-kennel bill



Carmelite Sisters of the Villa Teresa Catholic School in Moore delivered a letter and a petition to Gov. Brad Henry's office today urging him to sign a bill banning dog kennels operating within 2,500 feet of a school or daycare center.

The school's principal, Sister Veronica Higgins, said the bill " Senate Bill 1574 " was written with her order's school, Villa Teresa Moore, in mind.

Although the proposed law is not breed-specific, Higgins said a legal fight over a pit-bull kennel with 42 dogs that located next door to Villa Teresa three years ago prompted the school to seek legislation.

Higgins said she hoped the governor would sign the bill.

"I sure hope so, for the benefit of the children of this state," Higgins said. "You have to consider how many attacks have happened even in the last six months. To put a kennel next to a day care or school just doesn't make sense"¦those pit bulls are right next to our kids and they are three- to five-year olds."

The governor's spokesman, Phil Bacharach, accepted the letter inside the governor's office and thanked the nuns for their visit.

 "The governor will certainly take the letter and the petition under advisement and he is very appreciative that you are taking part in the process," Bacharach told Higgins. "Ben Fenwick

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