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Nuts, jewels allegedly stolen at Norman's May Fair festival



The criminal mind travels down its own path, leaving even the most skeptical cynics baffled at times.

Take the annual May Fair festival, an event that has brought great art, tasty food and goodwill to Normanites for many years. Even the kiddos get in on the fun with an art contest for every school grade level in town.

But this year, the festival held at Norman's Andrews Park brought out the criminal element, which violated the most sacred part of a festival: a vendor's nuts. According to a story in The Norman Transcript, Donald Jones, of Purcell, told police an evil-minded person snuck into his German Roasted Nuts tent and stole $40. But that's not the worst part. Jones also reported this vile villain spilled an additional $40 worth of nuts onto the ground.

Oh, the humanity. Where are we at in society today when a vendor cannot safeguard his nuts?

Police also said that Edward Mehler of Allen, Texas, reported someone broke into his "Artistry in Gold" tent and stole 52 items of jewelry worth a total of $5,904, according to the Transcript.

Chicken-Fried News wonders if the jewels were family heirlooms.

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