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NY museum selects OKC architect's work for exhibit



uto 0in">"We bounced ideas off of each other and really tried to get this concept to work," he said.

More than 300 artists from 11 countries submitted works for Neuberger's "Multiplicity" exhibit, which was pared down to 22 selections. Like other prototypes in the show, "Drumstick Dinette" tackles modern living issues and offers an alternative to traditional furniture structures.

"You can literally clean away the table and have more space in your dining room," Mays said. "I could really see this in a big city where's there's not much space and you live in an apartment. This arrangement would allow the feasibility for a dining room that wouldn't always have to be set up."

"Multiplicity" was organized by The Furniture Society, a nonprofit organization in North Carolina dedicated to advancing the art of furniture. The exhibit is in conjunction with its annual conference, held this year at Purchase College's School of Art+Design.

"This was a show that highlighted where furniture was going," Mays said. "It's really interesting to see that there are all these fresh ideas that are focused on the same goal, which is furniture."

He hopes that "Multiplicity" will make it possible for "Drumstick Dinette" to move from a mere PVC prototype to a manufactured and distributed table.

"It is about exposure," he said. "It is about getting an idea perhaps moved a little further along."

Mays is currently submitting the idea to several furniture manufacturers that specialize in simple, modern design. While he plans to create more furniture in the future, he said he would use his experience with "Drumstick Dinette" as a guide rather than as a set blueprint for other designs.

"I think you approach every design as something that's fresh and new," he said. "That's the challenge and the fun of it."

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