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O tower, where art thou?



Nary a crane was in sight even though construction has been under way for more than a year.

Sometimes, the universe works in ironic ways. On the very same day that The Oklahoman ran an editorial titled “Natural gas anything but ignored in state,” Josh Fox’s “GasLand,” a film exposing the health and environmental risk of natural gas drilling, earned an Oscar nomination for best documentary.

“Chesapeake’s work force increased by 10 percent in the past year at a time when most companies (and state government) were cutting back or freezing employment,” The Oke opined.

On Twitter, the film director and the energy giant traded salvos. Chesapeake tweeted that “GasLand” is “flawed,” claiming its “facts” have been proven wrong repeatedly. Fox retorted that “natural gas by unnatural means does not make it ‘clean’” and that he wished the multibillion-dollar industry “spent more time & money on rectifying their wrongs than on PR against this movie.”

Away from social networking crossfire, it’s worth mentioning that The Oke noted Devon is “building what will be the tallest building in Oklahoma.”

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