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O yeah!



After all, this is the group that named a song “Peggy Sue Pepperoni
Pants” and seriously considered naming its debut album after a
Harley-Davidson T-shirt slogan. So when I asked its members to let their
iPods do the talking, they were all about the unconventional interview

For every question I asked, they answered with the song or artist randomly selected by the shuffle feature on two iPods. We sat down at the southside Joe’s Crab Shack and got crackin’.

OKG: So what is your upcoming album going to be titled?

Brian Gilliland: “A Letdown.”

Isaiah Sharp: “Slurring the Rhythm.”

Gilliland: They’re both very O Fed. Two years! All for nothing!

OKG: So what is it actually going to be called?

Gilliland: “Bible Promises and Dinosaurs.” It hopefully will come out in June.

OKG: What is the album going to sound like?

Gilliland: “Black Hawk Down” by Hans Zimmer.

Sharp: Randy Newman?

Gilliland: It’s going to sound like a children’s movie or a musical score. At the end of this CD, your radio will explode!

Kyle Mayfield: Michael Bay produces “Toy Story 4.”

OKG: And actually?

Gilliland: Very, very diverse. Not complete bluegrass, not complete indie rock.

Mayfield: I like “newgrass.”

Gilliland: Right now, we’re messing around with ambient sounds in the background of the songs. There’s not a single one that sounds like stereotypical rock.

Mayfield: If an animal farm had a prom, no age limit, and dancing was allowed.

OKG: Who are you touring with? Do you have plans to tour after the release?

Gilliland: Celtic Woman.

Sharp: The Clash. It’s actually going to be all three bands.

Gilliland: We’re looking at touring with Moon. We want to go up to Chicago again.

Laney Coker: Stop more in Missouri, Iowa.

OKG: What record label would you guys be on?

Sharp: Midtown. Aren’t they on Drive-Thru Records? We peaked six years ago!

Gilliland: Who are The White Stripes on?

OKG: Third Man. And have you looked at record labels for the album, or will it be an independent release?

Gilliland: We haven’t gotten that far. Once we have it done, we’ll look at shopping it around.

Coker: For a label?

Gilliland: No, probably for a distributor. That’s more our type, anyway.

Mayfield: We’ll sell them out of the trunk of our car.

Gilliland: We’ll be like those guys who go around selling roses in bars.

Mayfield: Find the drunkest guy in the bar and say, “Here, you want four of these.”

Gilliland: And a shirt. You want a shirt.

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