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Off the grid, on the mark



They lovingly demonstrate that being “off the grid” means more than just generating one’s own electricity.

We are all totally dependent on the food grid, sewer grid, water grid, fuel grid and all other services used in our daily lives. We take it for granted that all those services will reliably perform upon demand.

Bruce and Barbara show how decentralizing those services and being personally responsible in our actions can reduce costs and increase our personal food, water and energy security at home, not somewhere else.

“A thousand people with clotheslines are going to make a lot more difference than 100 people with a windmill,” Johnson said. This statement illustrates Bruce and Barbara’s commonsense approach to living with more sustainability. Their vehicles predate the Prius by about 20 years or more.

They didn’t wait for technology to lead them down the path of sustainability and reasonable living.

Going green is a behavior, not new technology.

—Ron Ferrell
Oklahoma City

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